Overton Independent School District

Our Mission Statement

Overton ISD, in partnership with the parents and the community, is dedicated to educating all students in a secure and nurturing environment so they will:

·        Acquire a foundation of knowledge

·        Develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically

·        Practice ethical attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, and become productive and cooperative members in the world of the future


Goals and Objectives

Goal One – Overton ISD will provide a safe, positive learning environment for students and staff.

·        Strategy 1 - Provide a Drug Free Environment

·        Strategy 2 - Provide a Safe Environment

·        Strategy 3 - Provide a Positive Learning Environment

Goal Two – All student groups taking the state assessments will obtain scores which will obtain a district rating of "Met Standard" or equivalent for the 2013-2014 school year

·        Strategy 1 - The District will utilize the AEIS IT Program to analyze test scores

·        Strategy 2 - Benchmark tests will be administered to assess student level

·        Strategy 3 - The district will partner with the Region VII ESC and UT Tyler Dana Center to improve staff development

Goal Three – Overton ISD will establish a clear and focused mission committed to instructional goals that respond to the needs of accountability and that support lifelong learning for students, staff and community members.

·        Strategy 1 - Build Technology Infrastructure

·        Strategy 2 - Provide Technology Professional Development

·        Strategy 3 - Provide Student / Adult Real World Educational Opportunities

Goal Four – Overton ISD will provide opportunities for students to learn and will support strategies and progress to optimize student time on task.

·        Strategy 1 - Achieve a High Attendance Rate. The District Attendance Rate will reach 97%

·        Strategy 2 - Promote a 0% Drop-Out Rate

Goal Five – Overton ISD will work to build trust and communication with parents and  the community in order to provide more effective instructional experiences for all students.

·        Strategy 1 - Build Working Relationships with Community

·        Strategy 2 - Build Trust and Communication with Parents

Goal Six – Overton ISD will institute a building maintenance program in order to better meet the needs of the students.

·        Strategy 1 - Changes will be made to improve the handicapped accessibility of the school

·        Strategy 2 - Progress will be made in the construction of an Agricultural Science Facility (Ag Farm)

·        Strategy 3 - A long range plan to address the facility needs of the school district will be developed

·        Strategy 4 - The overall maintenance at the school will be improved